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5 useful git commands you may have not hard about!

Git is a powerful version control system, but it can be intimidating to learn and use. While there are many popular Git commands, such as “commit” and “push,” there are also many lesser-known commands that can be incredibly useful. Here are five of the most useful but not so popular Git commands:

  • git bisect: This command allows you to efficiently search for a specific commit in your repository’s history. It works by using a binary search algorithm to quickly narrow down the list of potential commits until it finds the one you’re looking for.
  • git stash: This command allows you to temporarily store changes you’ve made to your working directory without committing them. This is useful when you need to switch to a different branch to work on something else, but don’t want to lose your current changes.
  • git reflog: This command allows you to view a log of all the changes that have been made to your repository’s references (branches, tags, etc.). This is useful for tracking down mistakes or finding lost commits.
  • git clean: This command allows you to remove untracked files from your working directory. This is useful for keeping your repository clean and free of unnecessary files.
  • git cherry-pick: This command allows you to select specific commits from one branch and apply them to another branch. This is useful for selectively incorporating changes from one branch into another without merging the entire branch.

Overall, these lesser-known Git commands can be incredibly useful for a variety of tasks. While they may not be as popular as some of the more well-known Git commands, they can save you time and make your workflows more efficient.

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