Frequently Asked Questions

Git.Watch helps you find the answer to your question quickly, with our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does it cost?

We prepared for you and your company 3 affordable packages where you have access to certain functionalities of our system. Simply – the more you pay more features you and users get. Our prices start as low as 4.99 eur and ends on 11.99 per user. You can find full pricing in our homepage.

If you would like to get a bigger amount of users at one go please contact us at [email protected] and see if we can prepare a better offer for you!

Is my data save?

We know that with great power comes great responsibility. Our company is doing everything that we are capable of to keep your data safe and sound. We know that working with git repositories we are touching sensitive parts of your company and and we don’t want to put you at risk in any moment. We are not touching any part of your code working only on accessible for us git metadata. In simple words, we only watch your git.

Having safety as one of our key metrics we are conducting periodical safety checks to be sure that everything stands on the highes level and your data is safe!

How many people can have access to dashboard?

Once your instance is created you get access to invite your eployees and people that should have access to processed reports. Very important remark is that people you add don’t need to have access to your codebase or even you Git repositories so no need to worry about your code.


You will be billed every month depends on this how many active users you have.

Do I need specific repository hosting?

We know that world is changing fast, with this all decisions are being made fast. We don’t want to stop you on anything limiting you to any repository hosting. Keeping this in mind, we do not integrate specifically with any provider and we are hosting agnostic. So only one requirement that we have for your repository is to be accessible via internet, that’s it. Beside being git repository of course.

We are hosting agnostic however we provide small parts of integrations for the most popular hostings which is GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket. We support both cloud and on-premise versions.

Repository in intranet - will it work?

We know how big and complicated can be IT infrastructure specifically in corporations. In some cases there may be a need to whitelist IP of ours servers so we can connect to your repositories. If you need our IP address please contact with us via Chat Support or send us email to [email protected].

Do you need more help to integrating Git.Watch with your infrastructure? Our experts are ready to help and assist you to provide success full integration. Do you need our assistance? Please contact via [email protected].

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