A tep by step guide to automated reporting

We appreciate transparency and believe it is one of the keys to long-term cooperation. That’s why we decided to prepare for you a description of how the whole activation process and use of works so that you always have full awareness of what is happening and nothing surprises you.

Choose the perfect plan for yourself

We offer 3 different plans with different functionalities so that you can choose what will work best for your business. After all, who knows it better than you?

Don't be afraid to try, if it turns out that the plan you chose at the beginning is not enough for your needs, you can always change it!

Connect payments and activate your instance

When you are ready and you see which option is right for you, we will move you to the payment page. At this stage, we will collect the data needed to issue your instance - such as the company name or subdomain on which your instance will be available!

At this stage, you will also connect your credit card, which will allow us to add and settle subscriptions for your employees in the future without any problems.

Don't want or can't connect a credit card? No problem, contact our sales department - [email protected] - to agree on a convenient payment method.


When your payment is processed by our system, we will send you instructions on how to log in to the application and start your adventure with

The activation process is fully automatic and usually takes a few minutes to a few dozen minutes, so if you receive a confirmation of a correctly processed payment, you should receive information about your instance shortly afterwards.

Integration with git

At the time of activation, our system will generate a pair of SSH keys for you, where the public key will be available in the application panel.

The available key must be added to your account where you have access to the repositories you want to monitor in Important: We will never add your repository without your permission, so it's up to you which repositories will be available to our platform.

In case of any problems, our team of experts will be ready to help. Just contact us at [email protected] or message us on chat!

Add project

If you have added our public SSH key then this is the place where the sad obligations end and the real adventure begins.

From now on you can add all the projects that you want to control in our application panel.

The system will constantly be scanning new projects and provide information on how to contribute to the project by your developers.

Create teams

We know that in business there are many approaches to controlling and managing teams. For this reason, we decided to give you full control over this aspect of the application so that you can see what interests you the most.

Teams can be created by selecting from the list of all available contributing developers who should be associated with a specific team. We will provide you with information on how the team's performance looks in all projects in which the team members participate.

Save time

We know how hard it is to remember all the things you have to do, especially when something unexpected can happen during the day.

That's why we don't want to be another thing you have to remember to check. Even more, to save your time our goal is that you don't have to visit our application at all! We will collect all the interesting information for you and deliver it to you in the way you prefer!

Any questions?

If there’s something on your mind you would like to get an answer for, please refer to our FAQ section available here – FAQ or get in touch with us by sending a message with the form available below.

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