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Release Note 30/09/2022

I’m very happy to announce that today is probably the biggest day for our product since we launched After months of hard work, feedback collection, improvements, and more feedback collection. The first batch of improvements from the feedback and suggestions just landed on our application.

Here’s what changes from today:

New homepage

The first to see and probably the most noticeable change for our customers is a brand new home page. We have put a lot of love into this one trying to provide you with all of the information which should be useful for you. We redesigned everything, trying to provide a nice feeling for your eye.

With the new website, we will present our new approach to solving issues and become close to you as our customers so we can see, hear and support you better. For sure in upcoming releases there will be more and more about new functionalities of our homepage.

We will be very happy to hear from you how you like our change.

Projects become more powerful

Projects now become more powerful. We saw limitation in our previous solution of usage project. We looked into this issue and decided to split repositories with projects. No repositories became independent part and can be included to any project you will create, so you can define from which projects you want to pull data to your dashboards.

Better support for mobile devices

We know that most of our users use desktop version of the browser, however we want your data to be accessible for you all the time, so we put a bit more love ♥️ into mobile version of the app so can have easy and pleasant access to everything no matter where you are and what you are doing.

Improved performance

Since day one we have been working very hard to prepare fast and scalable solutions to meet all our customers’ needs. In last months we have putted in on the big trial with processing millions of commits. This allowed us to identify and improve weak points in our system.

At this moment we are noticing 27% percent faster processing when it comes to onboarding new repositories for the first time optimized speed for updating is almost unnoticeable. All of this allows us to provide proudly say that now we are ready for more than even before. Soon we will share a bit more detailed results about this one.

Money — Monthly Subscriptions

The last change on our list is our business model. We changed our pricing to be more accessible for Start-Ups and small groups of developers. We are also very happy to introduce free trial access for 7-days for free where you will be able to test our product and see if it fits your needs without the risk and need of long engagement.


It’s of course not the end of our changes, just the beginning of new phase. We are limited only by our imaginations and will to provide the best possible solution worldwide.

Wi this in mind, we are preparing lot of new things that should show up in our application soon. Part of them will be related to our upcoming presence on Web Summit ALPHA so stay tuned and see what we do to make your workplace a better place.

Hope you will like as much as we do.

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