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Stop wasting your developers’ potential

Does it happen to you to wonder if you are using the full potential of your developers and development teams? Would you like to boost their productivity but you don’t know where to start? No worries, we got your back covered.

Below you can find a few simple rules that require only a little effort from you but will do magic and help to improve overall developers’ potential in the structures of the company.


Many developers may have problems with expressing themselves in communication, however, this doesn’t mean they don’t have anything important to say. Especially when you have developers who are driven by passion, you must listen to them. Those people have very often amazing ideas which are being stopped or not realised because never been expressed.

If you will give your developers full attention, allow them to speak and express themselves they may open for you like a calm and reveal the pearl that was hidden behind the thick shell. Remember to be careful with that and don’t put any dirty water on them as it may backfire at you.

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What ears will not hear for sure eyes can see. Every person has their habits, those lite habits are things that make a complete person at the end of the day. If you understand how and why your’ developers do certain things the way they do them it may help to get them closer to you and to trust you. This is the key factor in the whole process.


Developers’ are very smart people and they can find easy ways to create or improve solutions that many may not understand, however, even they need a bit of control above. We are not talking here about looking above their arm all the time, we are even far from that.

This is what you need to understand to have control over the whole development process including particular developers to be sure that all assumptions have been understood correctly and developers are not wondering without sense looking for the information they need. Be sure that everyone is heading in the same direction.

Control over the development process and developers’ activities within the project may help you to identify weak points within your structure that can be a bottleneck in the longer run. It’s always better to prevent than to cure.


Knowledge is a power. Once you have knowledge about faulty points in your teams you should be able to improve those areas with direct and aware actions, not work in the dark. Use this opportunity to build your teams stronger and better. This process may be heavy and fully of bumpy roads, but trust me, the effect will amaze you.

If you will start taking care of those small aspects that have always been omitted or not noticed and help your developers to boost their productivity they will for sure be grateful for that. They would probably didn’t notice this by themselves.

Remember: What seems to be obvious for you don’t have to be obvious for anyone else.


When you want to build something that it’s not only a temporary thing you need to place it on solid foundation. The most solid foundation in human relations is trust! Don’t underestimate that and be sure you can trust your developers and more importantly, your developers can trust you. If you will fail at that point it may burn a lot of bridges and cause conflicts. Then you are done. It will not work out. It’s not a phoenix that will rise from the dust. It’s more like post-nuclear fallout. is not yet another product management tool. We enable you to access insights and data you never had before but for sure dreamed of having. One of the sparks is that we allow you to discover the most productive time for your developers so you can plan interactions like meeting accordingly to avoid losing focus. Check what more you can get with our free trial.

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