How it started?

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The concept for came to life in the summer of 2022, sparked by a simple question: “Could you get some data for me?” From that moment, we embarked on a journey to create a tool with tremendous potential to address a pressing issue facing today’s fast-paced development landscape—developer burnout.

What began as basic data analysis from a humble CSV file evolved over time. Our tool transitioned through various developmental stages—from a modest HTML page to a straightforward Node.js app—ultimately blossoming into a scalable cloud-based application. is now capable of processing data from multiple projects and repositories in real-time, offering invaluable insights into developer performance and productivity.

We are committed to making a meaningful impact on the development community by providing a solution that not only monitors performance but also safeguards the well-being of developers.


Minds behind

Damian Dabrowski

Damian Dąbrowski

Founder, CEO, CTO

A brain of GIT.WATCH. Highly skilled senior FullStack Developer, DevOps, Team Leader and Agile Enthusiast. During his long development journey he experienced burnnout and what is most important – he beat it. Always up to date with new technologies. Every day he figures out and fixes things which not working properly and creates better solutions.

An open-minded creator not a duplicator.

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